To Be A World Renowned School of Creative Industry Management and Performing Arts


To foster independent thinking in a creative and challenging environment, by providing a diversified curriculum and environment for bright and talented individuals, and to offer preparation of higher education and professions in the arts

  • To produce quality and competitive graduates in creative industry management.
  • To generate scholarly and creative works, training and consultancy services in creative industry management.
  • To boost government, industry and community collaborations related to creative industry management.

Toward realising the University’s vision to be a Management University of world-class standing, and in line with its motto “SCHOLARSHIP, VIRTUE, SERVICE”, and with God Almighty’s blessing, we hereby pledge with complete resolve and commitment, to honour our clients’ rights as follows:

To the Students

  • To provide education, facilities, and the best management system based on the established standards.

To the Staff

  • To provide students who are capable.
  • To provide the best facilities to aid work procedures; and
  • To give appropriate incentives and opportunities to expand knowledge with justice for staff development and progress.

To the Nation

  • To provide potential human resource to meet the nation’s needs.
  • To provide training, research, and consultancy services to promote the growth and development of knowledge.

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