Dekan SCIMPA 301


Welcome to the School of Creative Industry Management and Performing Arts (SCIMPA), Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). First of all, I would like to welcome all new students, future students and past alumni to this school in the lush green forest of northern Malaysia.

The creative industry will undoubtedly play a pertinent role as Malaysia ventures into a digital economy. This website will serve as a gateway to the many academic programs under SCIMPA at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, ranging from management studies in film, interactive media, music, animation, performing arts and beyond. The programme at SCIMPA will spark your imagination and expand your horizons, while at the same time help you to prepare for graduate study and equip you with the skills necessary to venture into the best careers in the industry.

At SCIMPA, the focus will be on helping students to achieve their full potential, focusing not just on the technical aspect of education, but also on soft skills and creative thinking which will enable students to develop a deep understanding of a discipline, acquire problem-solving skills, and prepare for graduate and professional career going forward.

As the Dean of SCIMPA, I once again welcome all of you to this school and look forward to meeting you and collaborating with you in the most vibrant school at UUM!