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This FAQ provides answers to basic questions about SMMTC.

  1. When was the School establish?
    • SCIMPAwas establish in 15 August 2016. 
  2. Where is te School located?
    • SMMTC-map
  3. How many Undergraduate Programmes are offered by SCIMPA?
    • Currrently 1 programme is offerred by the School:
      • Bachelor of Creative Industry Management (with Honours).
  4. How many Postgraduate Programmes are offered by SMMTC?
    • Currently SMMTC offer
      • PhD in related fields
  5. For a student, are there any accommodation that UUM provide?
    • As a campus situated far from the madding crowd, UUM has ensured that its students do not want for adequate accommodation. At present, UUM has 15 Student Residential Halls (INASIS), which, all together, house 20,000 students. The INASIS are named after Malaysian companies, institutions, and organisations of repute, namely
      • MAS
      • PETRONAS
      • EON
      • MISC
      • SIME DARBY
      • BSN
      • TM
      • PROTON
      • MAYBANK
      • SME BANK
  6. Does any programme at SCIMPA get any accreditation?
    • All programme (Undergraduate and Postgraduate level) at SCIMPA are accredited by the Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA, a statutory body in Malaysia set up under the Malaysian Qualifications Act 2007 to accredit academic programs provided by educational institutions providing post secondary or higher education and facilitate the accreditation and articulation of qualifications).
  7. Is there any English requirement needed for the entrance for International Students?
  8. What is the medium language in classes/lectures?
    • English (optional in Malay)
  9. What are the facilities provided by the School?
    • SCIMPA provides various facilities to students, staff, and visitors. Please go to FACILITIES page for more information.
  10. How to contact SCIMPA?
    • School of Creative Industry Management & Performing Arts (SCIMPA)
      UUM College of Arts and Sciences
      Universiti Utara Malaysia
      06010 UUM Sintok, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia
      Phone : 604-928 6401 
      Fax : 604-928 5804, Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • or Please fill in the form >>HERE 


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