Zaibon, Syamsul Bahrin


Position: Senior Lecturer
Research areas:


  • Azman, F. N., Zaibon, S. B. & Shiratuddin, N (2018). A Revised Production Model of Learner-Generated Comic: Validation through Expert Review. In MATEC Web of Conferences, pages 05044. [More] 
  • Azman, F. N., Zaibon, S. B. & Shiratuddin, N. (2016). Comics in Academia: A Visual Insight to its Trends & Innovation. International Journal Of Interactive Digital Media, 4(2), 712. [More] 
  • Azman, F. N., Zaibon, S. B. & Shiratuddin, N. (2016). Toward the Development of an Instrument to Evaluate Learner-Generated Comics. , . [More] 
  • Pendit, U. C., Zaibon, S. B. & Bakar, J. A (2016). Measuring enjoyable informal learning using augmented reality at cultural heritage site. In AIP Conference Proceedings, pages 020087. [More] 
  • Supli, A. A., Shiratuddin, N. & Zaibon, S. B. (2016). Critical Analysis on Algorithm Visualization Study. International Journal of Computer Applications, 150(11). [More] 

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