Ishak, Mohd Sobhi

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Position: Senior Lecturer
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  • Hamid, N. A., Ishak, M. S. & Yazam, S. S. (2015). Facebook, YouTube and Instagram: Exploring their effects on undergraduate students? personality traits. The Journal of Social Media in Society, 4(2), 138-165. [More] 
  • Aripin, N., Ismail, A., Ishak, M. S., Rahman, N. A., Madon, M., Rahman, M. N. et al (2015). "Youtube" dan generasi muda Islam: Satu pendekatan kelompok fokus dalam kalangan pelajar universiti. In International Conference on Media & Communication (MENTION2015), pages 1-17. [More] 
  • Hamid, N. A., Ishak, M. S. & Yusof, N. (2015). Measurement model of empowerment for women and girls using social media. e-BANGI: Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 1 (S), 184-191. [More] 
  • Hamid, N. A., Ishak, M. S., Ismail, S. A. & Yazam, S. S (2013). Social media usage among university students in Malaysia. In a}tru{\c T}, B. P., a}tru{\c T}, M. P. & Cmeciu, C. (editors), Social Media and the New Academic Environment. IGI Global. [More] 
  • Yazam, S. S., Ishak, M. S. & Hamid, N. A (2011). The relationship between advertising and Muslim student's intention to visit kopitiams. In International Conference on Media and Communication (MENTION 2011), pages 1-19. [More] 

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