Mustaffa, Che Su

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Position: Professor
Research areas:


  • Khalid, M. S., Mustaffa, C. S., Marzuki, M. N., Sakdan, M. F., Sipon, S., Ariffin, M. T. et al. (2015). Failure to react positively to flood early warning systems: Lessons learned by flood victims from flash flood disasters: The Malaysia experience. International Scholarly and Scientific Research & Innovation, 9(5), 1336-1340. [More] 
  • Marzuki, N. A., Mustaffa, C. S. & Saad, Z. M. (2015). Emotional intelligence: Its relations to communication and information technology skills. Asian Social Science, 11(15), 267-274. [More] 
  • Kadiri, K. K., Ahmad, M. K. & Mustaffa, C. S (2014). Knowledge and treatment seeking behaviour of University of Ilorin students in Kwara State, Nigeria. In International Social Development Conference 2014 (ISDC 2014), pages 196-203. [More] 
  • Suhaimi, A. W., Marzuki, N. A. & Mustaffa, C. S. (2014). The relationship between emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication skills in disaster management context: A proposed framework. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 155, 110-114. [More] 
  • Yusoff, N., Mustaffa, C. S., Ahmad, M. K., Ahmad, A. A., Yazam, S. S. & Yahya, M. A. (2014). Perubahan persepsi, psikologi dan komunikasi pelajar program Student Development Group (SDG) di Universiti Utara Malaysia. [More] 

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