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    Alumni Talk Show 

    Date Modified: 8 June 2017

    SCIMPA ONLINE: Participation of alumni volunteers to give support and contribution to the university is crucial to sustainand continue the development of a university. In line with this, Alumni Talk was held in conjunction with the SMMTC-SCIMPA Week on 17 May 2017 at Seminar Hall B, SQS Building UUM. The famous artist-Zahid AF (student of BCIM UUMKL) was present as moderator of the talk show...Read More
  • walkthruUUMLib-video-min

    Walkthrough UUM Library

    Date Modified: 17 Nov 2015
    Watch our latest video now, more interesting videos to come...



    Date Modified: 22 Nov 2015
    Watch our latest video now, more interesting videos to come...

  • Strategic Partners SMMTC


    Date Modified: 29 Nov 2015
    The School is keen to establish working partnerships and alliances with a wide range of organizations. Through partnership, SCIMPA would establish her brand and reputation in industry and the organizations have win-win situations in term of academic collaborations. All parties are welcome to join us in our endeavour to contribute more to development and prosperity.

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  • syarahanDatukMior


    Date Modified: 28 Oct 2014
    SCIMPA news archive...    
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